Making The Most Of Your Money

Making The Most Of Your Money

4 Tips For Minimizing Your Bail Cost

by Glen Robinson

If you have recently been arrested and taken to jail, it can be disappointing to discover that your bail has been set for a high amount. Although you can arrange for a bail bondsman to bail you out, you will still have to pay a high fee for utilizing their services that will not be returned to you. For this reason, you definitely want to ensure that your bail cost is minimized so that you won't have to pay such a high fee. Here are four tips for minimizing the cost:

  1. Turn Yourself In: If there is a warrant out for your arrest and you do not turn yourself in, once you are caught your bail is going to be much higher because the judge finds you to be noncooperative. For this reason, the judge will set a higher bail to ensure that you are more likely to show up to your court date. However, if you turn yourself in, the judge will see you in the opposite light, most likely, thus setting your bail for a lower amount. 
  2. Respect the Judge: The way that you present yourself in front of the judge almost always has a significant impact on what your bail is set at. If you come off as disrespectful and noncooperative, this gives the judge reason to believe that you will not show up to your court date, thus setting your bail for a higher amount. If you have an attorney, be sure to take their advice on how to dress and present yourself while in court. 
  3. Answer Honestly: During your court date, the judge is most likely going to ask you questions about your current life situation, for example where you live, who you live with, whether or not you work, and more. Answering these questions honestly is important because it will determine whether or not the judge finds you to be a trustworthy person. If they do, then your bail is likely going to be lower. 
  4. Discuss Connections to the Community: Whatever connections you have to the local community, you should be sure that you discuss them while in court. This gives the judge reason to believe that you will not flee, thus setting your bail for a lower amount since they don't need to give a higher incentive for you to show. Talk about family ties, work, and any other community activities that you participate in. 

When you consider these four tips for minimizing your bail cost, you ca be sure that you are not paying such a high fee for them when you hire a bail bondsman. Contact a local bail bonds company for more help.


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