Making The Most Of Your Money

Making The Most Of Your Money

When What Happens In Vegas Gets Someone Locked Up: What You Can Do

by Glen Robinson

When you plan your trip to Las Vegas, whether it is to hit the casinos, explore the nightlife, check out the sites, or all of the above, the last thing you think will happen is that your shenanigans land one of your group in jail. However, if that does happen to be a situation you find yourself in, you will want to get to know the steps you should take to get your friend out of jail and get everyone home safe and sound.

Do Not Get Aggressive With The Officers

When your friend is being arrested or even when they are being held in police custody, you do not want to be belligerent or aggressive with the police officers. Police officers in Las Vegas have to deal with a lot from tourists and local residents. As such, they often have low tolerance for poor verbal and physical treatment.

If you do not want to get in trouble yourself and/or do not want to make your friend's situation worse, stay calm and be respectful of the officers. It is fine to ask them questions and try to determine what charges are being filed, where your friend is being taken, and the like, but do so with control and without attitude.

Call A Bail Bonds Company

To get your friend out of jail, you will need to post a bond or bail. This is essentially a fee that you pay to have your friend released. You will also be making a promise to the court that you will not knowingly allow your friend to skip out on their court dates or obligations to pay any fines or serve out any sentence they may be given.

Because these fees to get your friend out of jail can often be quite hefty, you may not have the necessary cash on hand to pay them.  A bail bondsman works as a loan officer that specializes in posting bond for people who have been charged with a crime. You will sign a contract with the bondsman, agreeing to pay them back for the posted bond within a certain amount of time and with interest.

It is important to keep in mind that it is you and not your friend who will be responsible for paying back the bond. You also need to know that you will not get the money back for your bond if your friend is not able to get the charges dropped or be found innocent. Be sure that you can afford the payments and that your friend will follow through on their legal obligations in Las Vegas before you commit to the bail bond loan. 

Check About Any Travel Restrictions

Depending on the charges your friend is facing, they may not be allowed to leave the Las Vegas area until the situation is resolved. You want to make sure you find this out when you go to pick them up once bail is posted.

If they cannot leave the area, help them make arrangements for a place to stay and for legal representation to get their case resolved as quickly and successfully as possible. Do not help them to leave Las Vegas if they are explicitly instructed not to as this will only cause them further legal troubles.

Now that you know a few of the steps that you can and should take when someone gets locked up in Las Vegas on vacation, you can be sure that you do the right thing and take care of your friend when they need you most. If they have been arrested, why not try this out?


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