Making The Most Of Your Money

Making The Most Of Your Money

3 Ways To Increase Your Mobile Banking Sales

by Glen Robinson

Whether commercial banks would rather keep things focused on the world wide web for personal computers or are fully embracing the transition to mobile banking, the transition is fast approaching. The Pew Research Center reported that two-thirds of Americans now own a smart phone. As more customers want banking options on the go, banks are striving to meet this dynamic demand. Here are three surefire ways to increase your own mobile banking sales.

Make a Strong Plan for Abandoned Applications

Most commercial banking websites have a great deal of incomplete applications. Customers stop working on applications for a vast variety of reasons, and it may not be because they lost interest. You need to anticipate the fact that applications will be left incomplete by people who truly want the banking products you are offering, so design your application process to ask for personal information such as a full name and email address very early in the application. Be certain that the application is designed so that the information is saved as they go through each page of the application. Plan to follow up with all incomplete applications within a week if the customer does not come up and take action.

Focus on Speed

Previous services were likely designed to serve the needs of customers who were using their personal computers for business transactions, yet that once cutting-edge technology will need to be entirely re-imagined for smart phones in order to bring speed to users. Your smart phone customers need access to drop down lists and other intuitive buttons to help cut down on how much they have to use their keyboards. Banking customers on the go are likely to be shorter on time and patience than those at home on their laptops or desktops. Speed then becomes a primary factor in determining how they will perceive their customer experience.

Create Products That Are Adaptive

You need to design products that will be adaptive to all the devices that customers use. Yes, more customers are accessing banking products on their smart phones, but they are likely to also want to access their banking information from their work computers, at home on a desktop, and maybe at the gym on a tablet. Be sure that your applications have a unique desktop design and a mobile design, among other device plans you should have.

Finally, keep in mind that the market is evolving at a rapid pace. What may work today may not be a long-term solution. It's important to implement trial and error practices as you explore all your marketing options in this changing digital age, like those used by State Bank of Cross Plains. You may soon be reaching customers in ways you haven't yet fathomed, and it's important to be open to the changes that your customers want in order to thrive on a long-term basis.


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