Making The Most Of Your Money

Making The Most Of Your Money

  • Who Claims The Personal Exemption For A Working College-Age Dependent?

    At age 19, children generally become ineligible to be claimed as a dependent on the tax return of a parent. An exception to the general rule applies to full-time college students. Parents with a child in college may be able to claim the child as a dependent if the child is under age 24 at the end of the tax year. Even if a working student files a separate tax return, there is still only one sole personal exemption for the child that can be claimed on one of the two returns.

  • 4 Tips For Minimizing Your Bail Cost

    If you have recently been arrested and taken to jail, it can be disappointing to discover that your bail has been set for a high amount. Although you can arrange for a bail bondsman to bail you out, you will still have to pay a high fee for utilizing their services that will not be returned to you. For this reason, you definitely want to ensure that your bail cost is minimized so that you won't have to pay such a high fee.

  • Need To Get Your Wisdom Teeth Extracted But Low On Cash? Try These 3 Options

    If your wisdom teeth are bothering you and you know that you need to have them out, but you're low on cash to have the procedure done, there are a few options you'll want to look into. There are some ways that you can get the funds you need to have the teeth extracted and to have the work completed, and then you can pay back the amount at a later time.

  • Staying Organized For Taxes When You Are Self-Employed

    Being self-employed means that you have to keep track of your spending and income in ways that people who have other employment don't. Here are tips to help you stay organized when you are self-employed so all your taxes are accounted for when the season rolls around. Track all travel receipts  If you travel for business, make sure you track all your receipts. You can get reimbursed for your gas mileage, meals, and other related expenses when you go to write off your taxes.

  • Two Tips to Help You Qualify for a Fast Cash Loan When You Need It

    Waiting until you need money for an emergency could leave you in a lurch. That's why it's important for you to prepare by making sure that you have the things in place that will increase the chances that you'll qualify for a fast cash loan when you need one the most. Use this information to learn about what you should do right now to prepare just in case you need money in a hurry.

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    Making The Most Of Your Money

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